“Recording artist for Krafted Underground, Full Tec Recordings, Redbox Records, co-founder of KickstreamTV, with rich melodic productions and a surgical mixing style, Head Lynch (Gareth Lynch) is a DJ and producer from Drogheda, Ireland, with a musical style that ranges from the deep house through tech-house to techno.”

Head’s productions and DJ sets communicate a developed sound and style influenced by a history in dance music dating back to the mid 1990’s. He has witnessed and embraced the evolution of the sound of his early influences(Sasha & Digweed, The Global Underground Series), which can be heard on his debut EP release ‘Emerge’ on Redbox Records. Emerge encompasses aspects of electronica, deep house, techno and ambient music that combine to create a deep, rich and melodic sound. Embracing a darker side with his second release ‘Voltage’, Head Lynch also appears on Redbox Records’ Techno Sampler limited edition vinyl release.

As co-founder and resident DJ on KickstreamTV Head is currently involved in showcasing the vibrant and diverse electronic music scene in Ireland. Head hosts his weekly show Techno Tuesday in which he traverses the deeper, darker side of contemporary and classic house and techno music.

With new productions on the horizon and with the increasing popularity of Techno Tuesday, Head Lynch is looking forward to a bright and busy future in the electronic music scene.

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/HeadLynch/head-lynch-live-from-abbylane-studio-drogheda-on-kickstreamtv/ width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1]

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A recent interview I did with the wonderful people at KickstreamTV.com

1. When and why did you start DJing ?

I started DJing when I was maybe 14/15 years old on a set of belt drive turntables and got hooked straight away. Belt drive decks soon turned into 3 direct drive decks and an effects unit. Basically most of my time was taking up buying records and making mixtapes.

2. Who were your early DJing influences ?

My early DJing influences was basically anybody playing on the radio whether that be pirate, national or international radio. The more I got into electronic music I found myself being drawn to the more deep, dark, techy side of dance music. Sasha and Digweed sets as well as the Global Underground series took up a lot of my listening time.

3. What technical set-up do you use ?

All midi at the moment. My home setup is somewhere between a dj and production set up. For DJing I use DJ tech midi controllers which I have mapped to Traktor. I also have an Ableton Live DJ set up where I also use DJ tech one controllers, an akai APC key 25, a Faderfox microcontroller and Alesis key 49 MIDI controller. It changes all the time.

4. What was the best and the worst gig you ever played ?

The best gig, and the most fun gig I played was at the battle of the DJs at the Cellars bar Drogheda a few years back . It was a great night which showed off the diversity of DJs in and around Drogheda, and I won!

The worst gig I played was a new years eve party a few years back. Half way through the night the amplifier blew and the music stopped. The gig was cancelled and everybody had to go home… what a nightmare!

5. Do u prefer CD or Vinyl ?

I would prefer vinyl because it is a more interactive experience. I mostly play MP3’s and wav’s these days but nothing beats spending hours digging through crates of records.

6. Why and when did you start making your own tracks?

I basically started off remixing pop songs for fun. If I could find a good vocal track for the song I would just fell in the drums bass guitars things whatever needed to be done just for fun. I started taking it up more seriously and started making my own tracks and that’s what I still kinda do.

7. Best DJ set you have ever seen & club you have ever visited?

The best that I have ever seen was Dave Clark at Creamfields, Ireland 2000. An amazing set which included classic Clarke remixes like Goodfellas – Soul Heaven and Midfield General – Coatnoise. Not to mention his technical ability and showmanship, scratching, beat juggling, fader and button bashing. Marvellous!!!

Hard to say what the best club i ever visited was. I went to see Wolfgang Flur play a set of groovy techno in an underground car park a couple of years ago. That was a special experience, the smell of concrete mixed with the sound of techno seemed appropriate.


8. The meaning of life according to Head Lynch?


9. How would you foresee the future of DJing and are you excited by it?

More interactive, the club itself could be an interactive environment where the clubbers themselves create the music by dancing. Who knows, it could all turn into a virtual reality experience. The lines between djing and playing live are forever becoming more blurred, maybe some day dj’s wont “play” music. It will all be made on the fly and live… and I’m very excited about it all indeed.

10. What else have you got coming up production-wise?

I’ve been working on loads of new stuff and I’m hoping to have a new EP in the shops for the Christmas market.

11.Which producers are doing it for you at the moment when it comes to your DJing?

Daniel Avery is doing some fantastic things at the moment. His album Drone Logic is full of amazingly rich sounding tracks. Four Tet is also doing some amazing productions and remixes at the minute. Some of the old school DJs like Dave Clark Sasha, Digweed and “papa” Sven Vath are still rocking it and playing some amazing sets.

12. Top 5 tunes of all time?

In no particular order…

Andy Ling – Fixation

IIO – Rapture (John Creamer and Stefan K Remix)

The Chemical Brothers – Out Of Control (Sasha Remix)

Depeche Mode – Dream On (Dave Clarke Remix)

Daniel Avery – Drone Logic